The most exclusive accommodation in the world exists in this cave. And you can sleep in it

We travel for many reasons, and even if these are different, they all share the same desire live and share unique experiences which at the same time go through accommodation.

Theme hotels, houses immersed in nature, luxury cottages and accommodation for a thousand and one nights: accommodation facilities are no longer just a place to rest and refresh, but have become an integral and characteristic part of our travel experiences.

And that’s exactly the kind of place we want to talk to you about today. for cave of miracles That is home to one of the most exclusive accommodations in the world, a comfortable and luxurious cabin where you can sleep during your trip to Arkansas. Welcome to Beckham Creek Cave Lodge.

This former bomb shelter is now a luxury lodge

Our journey today will take us to the countryside endless and distant Arkansas. Right here, among rugged mountains, lush parks and wild natural areas, there is what can be considered one of the most incredible experiences of a lifetime. It is of course a long way, but we are sure that the kilometers traveled are worth the effort.

Traveling through the treacherous trails of the Ozark Mountains in Northwest Arkansas and arriving near the town of Jasper, it is possible to reach a cave that, although at first glance it resembles all the others, actually hides an incredible secret. Right here, years ago, an air raid shelter was built that today has turned into an exclusive and unique accommodation in the world.

We are talking about the Beckham Creek Cave Lodge, which, as the managers themselves admit, it is unlike any other place on earth. Reason? Within the labyrinth and intricate interiors of the cave is a luxurious and comfortable home ready to accommodate 8 passengers.

Sleeping in a remote cave: an incredible experience

Protected as a rare treasure, Beckham Creek Cave Lodge is located on a bluff overlooking the entire valley on private property a few miles from Jasper, the city and county seat of Newton County, Arkansas. A house in a cave which can accommodate up to 8 people and which claims to be “unique accommodation in the world”. And in fact, looking at the photos, we have no problem believing it.

Ideal for romantic stays, retreats or gatherings with friends or family, this accommodation offers everything you could want from a holiday: strategic location, breathtaking views, peace and quiet, comfort and luxury of a 5-star hotel. Apartment in reality it has 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, a private suite for an unforgettable honeymoon, a kitchen equipped with all comforts and a living area. It’s not missing a natural waterfall and a small lake located right behind the cave.

In addition to relaxation in evocative environments, it is possible to explore the surrounding nature. Starting with the caves, guests can actually explore caves, visit waterfalls and walk through wilderness areas stopping to contemplate nature in the refreshment areas. Beckham Creek Cave Lodge also offers heliport for those who dream of a picturesque entrance.

But how much does it cost to make this dream come true? at Beckham Creek Cave Lodge? The rate we read on the website is $2,200 a night, excluding taxes, so you have the entire apartment to yourself. A minimum 2 night reservation is also required.


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