The ideal solution for a swimming pool? Earthenware!

Not only for interiors: porcelain stoneware is also increasingly popular for outdoor spaces, including those in contact with water, such as swimming pools. Thanks to its technical properties, such as resistance and easy cleaning, and a wide range of finishes, from marble to wood, without forgetting the chromatic variety. It is therefore a type of ceramic covering which, with its durability, hygiene and versatility, is the perfect choice for public and private swimming pools.

Advantages of pool stoneware compared to other materials

Porcelain stoneware stands out for its superiority in terms of durability, safety, ease of maintenance and aesthetic versatility, ideal properties for creating pools that combine functionality and design. All its qualities are detailed here.

1. Durability and durability

high resistance to impacts, scratches, corrosion, algae, microorganisms and biotic agentsthanks to the compact and delicate structure obtained through specific cooking processes
absorption close to zero (≤ 0.5%), making it frost-resistant while ensuring easy removal of aggressive or staining elements that might come into contact with the surface
resistance to mold formation and long service lifewith the ability to withstand changes in temperature and atmospheric conditions without change
the ability to retain vivid colors over time thanks to its resistance to UV radiation, guaranteeing a long-lasting and timeless look.

2. Safety and easy maintenance

non-slip surface which guarantees safety thanks to specially designed surface treatments and anti-slip treatments that maintain their properties over time, necessary for pool areas visited by children and adults
ease of cleaning and maintenancewith the possibility of eliminating 99% of bacteria on ceramic surfaces.

3. Aesthetics and versatility

wide range of colors and aestheticsand the ability to faithfully reproduce any material, which offers a wide range of options to customize the pool environment in accordance with the style of the house
• versatility in formats, from the smallest, such as mosaicideal for curved surfaces or with complex slopes, etc maxi plates which create the effect of visual continuity inside and outside the pool
antibacterial and antiviral propertiescertified to ISO 22196 and ISO 21702, making porcelain stoneware a sustainable and safe choice for outdoor spaces.

Variety of designs and colors

The selection of tiles for the swimming pool is not only about aesthetics, but also about functionality and safety. Thanks to the versatility of porcelain stoneware, you can create an outdoor space that is both beautiful, safe and in harmony with the surrounding environment. This material is extremely versatile maximum adaptation of the pool and surrounding areas for a constantly changing scenography. With digital printing, the creative possibilities are endless. Thanks to the wide range of finishes and textures (marble, wood, stone, resin, concrete or wallpaper effect), it is impossible not to find the perfect solution for your outdoor space.
But aside from the aesthetic value, there are also some things to keep in mind technical properties related to the appearance of pool boards, such as heat control based on the selected color. In fact, light-colored tiles tend to dissipate heat more, while keeping the room cooler and brighter dark ones absorb more heat increasing the temperature of the edge of the pool and the water.

Safety even barefoot

This is a determining factor in the design of outdoor spaces, essential for accident prevention. Unlike other materials, porcelain stoneware is able to cover all anti-slip classes of DIN 51130 and DIN 51097 standards, especially if it is produced with surface processes such as reliefs and planing, which guarantee necessary anti-slip properties. This helps ensure the safety of pool users.

Easy maintenance

However, the adopted solutions and related regulations do not guarantee the complete absence of risks, as there is no surface on which it is impossible to slip. Because, cleaning and proper maintenance they become basic. Operations that are particularly easy on stoneware precisely because of the properties just shown. Using one is sufficient special neutral detergent to which surface treatments can be added if required. All the instructions to be followed are given in the UNI 11493 regulation.
Best practice is to perform scheduled maintenance over time, as well as quickly report any issues that may arise, paying particular attention to the most delicate elements such as joints and joints.

Rely on a professional for installation

Laying stoneware tiles in the pool area is not an easy task. There is a risk that suitable materials are not selected or installed professionally, causing water infiltration. That’s why it is It is essential that the design and installation of outdoor flooring is entrusted to competent professionals, able to perform quality work that complies with applicable regulations. Not only will the best possible result be guaranteed, but you will also have saving time and money in the long run you avoid errors and costly repairs. By contacting specialist dealers and a professional installer certified by Assoposa you are guaranteed that the tiled surface will have a flawless appearance that will last for years. On the website you can access the “Find installation service” section. which makes it possible to search throughout Italy for qualified assembly companies and distributors capable of providing excellent service.

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