Taylor Swift’s New Album: The Tortured Poets Department

The swifties I’m excited because today, Friday, April 19, 2024, Taylor Swift’s new album, the eleventh of her career, was released. It was announced last February during the 66th Annual Grammy Awards and is titled Tortured poets department and comes ten years after the original version was published 1989, the work that consecrated her as the queen of contemporary pop music. Here’s everything we know.

Department of Tortured Poets it’s a double album

“Over the past two years, I’ve written so many haunting poems and wanted to share them with you all, so here’s the second volume of the album: The Anthology. Fifteen more songs,” Taylor wrote on Instagram, adding, “And now the story is no longer mine… is all yours.” So if the standard version contains 16 songs, so Anthology 31. Among the 15 other songs are The Manuscript, The Bolter, The Albatross and The Black Dog.

4 versions

Department of Tortured Poets It comes in three formats: vinyl, CD and even cassette, plus deluxe editions sold through the singer’s website. Merchandise and accessories designed for Swifties are being added, such as charms, magnets, bookmarks and postcards. Those who opt for vinyl can choose from four versions, each with a different one bonus tracks Between Manuscript, Bolter, Albatross AND black Dog. Even the covers, all black and white, are different. In the first, created by Beth Garrabrant, Taylor lies on a white bed and poses with her arms wrapped around her body, with the upper half of her face covered (as on the original cover 1989), wearing a black high-waisted top and panties Advice. Fun fact: all physical copies of the album include an original poem by Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks.

What is Taylor Swift’s new album about?

Explaining the origins and meaning of his work on Instagram, he called it “An anthology of new songs that reflect the events, opinions and feelings of a fleeting and fatalistic moment – ​​one that was sensational and painful in equal measure. This period in the author’s life is now done, the chapter closed.” He goes on to say that “the wounds have healed” and that “once we’ve told our saddest story, we can let it go. And all we leave behind is tortured poetry“.

There are several references to her exes, including Matty Healy

Fans believed the album would detail Swift’s breakup with the actor Joe Alwyn, whom she dated for six years before leaving in April 2023. References to the English actor and their previous relationship are in both album and song titles. Alwyn actually revealed in a recent interview with Paul Mescal that he has a Whatsapp group chat with Andrew Scott called Tortured Men’s Club. Taylor seems to mention this in the lyrics as well Matty Healy from 1975, with whom he had a short love story last year, for example in My Boy He only breaks his favorite toys and in The smallest man who ever lived. Swift somewhat confirmed the speculation by revealing this the project talks about a broken heart experienced and told almost like grief. For this reason, the pop star has created a series of exclusive playlists in collaboration with Apple Music, in which she has selected songs from her catalog that adapt to each of the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance.

Featuring The Tortured Poets Department

Taylor Swift featured on an album that is being produced Jack Antonoff AND Aaron Dessner of The National, also some collaborations. in Florida!!! we hear an ethereal voice Florence + Machine. Already in an interview with Billboard in 2015, the pop star shared her admiration Florence Welch and said, “She’s the most magnetic person in the room, always surrounded by people who are fascinated by the idea of ​​being around her.” Another feature is from Post by Malone. Duet artist with Swift on Fortnight, which is also the first single (with music video) from the album. Taylor wrote about him on IG: “I’m a huge fan of Post and his way of writing, his musical experimentation and those tunes he creates that stick in your head forever. I got to witness the magic come to life when we worked together on Fortnight. “

Fan reaction

Like all versions of Swift, Department of Tortured Poets it was highly anticipated. Criticism from industry insiders was mostly positive: Variety called it “bold” and “stunning” and “the most Taylor Swift record ever”, while Rolling Stone found it “wildly ambitious and delightfully chaotic”, while for NME the album contains “some from her most emotional song to date” and “lacks the truly interesting changes that have accompanied Swift’s career thus far”. And the reaction of the fans? True speedsters stayed up all night to listen to 31 tracks and share support for their favorite star’s work. Some expected more explicit references to Joe Alwyn and less to Matty Healy, others thank Taylor for speaking out about his breakups, while a third group wonders how to survive a Taylor double album without crying during the day.

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