Syracuse, WnD accessories in the reconstruction of a historic building

In the heart of the Borgata district, which preserves the city’s identity Syracuse, Sicily one was found completely renovated holiday home in the name of tradition and innovation. Change a maintaining the authenticity of the property were the two cornerstones of the entire project. The goal was reconstruct the entire historic building, subject to landscape restrictions enhancing its historicity while at the same time using modern solutions and materials that guarantee comfort and hospitality, such as the old light fixtures that have been replaced by WnD Konfort line windows.

Be, which extends over a area 100 m2, is created from two elegant adjoining suites which preserve Sicilian elegance with refined details, artisanal touches and designer furnishings such as the Filicudi Qeeboo armchair. The traditional decoration, carefully cared for, mixes with the industrial style of the structure itself, which also highlights the small imperfections that speak of the past. Bold colors, geometric shapes and selected equipment enrich the structure in a special way and provide games and contrasts throughout the building.

For preserve and make maximum use of the original shapes of the large external arches and various openings buildings, it was necessary to find some high performance preparations which responded not only to the architectural needs and shape of the building, but also to the requirements dictated by the higher authority. The solution found by the architects of the Corvaia studio is Konfortline from WnD. This PVC windows and doors he is able maximize incoming light and a guarantee at the same time high technical performance. Kon fort line illuminates the environment thanks to its reduced profile and low frame, which allows its placement larger double glazing compared to standard PVC windows of the same size that add light to the home. In addition elegant design and now recognizable thanks to the handle located in the middle position, the frame reaches very high levels of thermal insulation (Uw up to 0.88 W/m2to) and acoustic (45 dB) essential for better indoor temperature control, especially in hot climates.

Another distinctive feature of the Konfortline is certainly a wide range of options customization. As part of the project, Real Wood surface treatments with a wood effect were chosen, a cream color that is realistic to the touch, ideal for maximizing the brightness of spaces. However, personalization does not only apply to aesthetics but also to safety: frame fittings can actually reach RC2 class, with the option of using additional anti-burglary devices such as unbreakable double glazing and anti-burglary handles.

Since it is an accommodation facility with a view of the streets of the center of Syracuse, it was decided to use it internal blinds in order to provide more privacy to the guests. These blackout systems are the optimal solution for screening private environments and adjust the brightness creating an intimate and elegant atmosphere, thanks very thin lamellae orientable. Internal blinds are very practical because they are inside the structure, They do not require cleaning or maintenance. Their movement system In addition, it has been worked out to the smallest detail to guarantee maximum simplicity: in fact, it is possible to open and close the blinds using a convenient, wireless electric control.

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