Roborock, two robotic vacuum cleaners in Italy

Roborock launched two new robotic vacuum cleaners on the Italian market, which represent the latest technological innovations in its portfolio. The S8 MaxV Ultra and Qrevo Pro will actually be available in Italy on Amazon, with the option to take advantage of the launch offer until May 8. The top model S8 MaxV Ultra will also be distributed for the first time on Mediaworld’s online site and soon also in 131 sales points across the country. Founded in China in 2014, Roborock now operates in more than 170 countries and reaches more than 15 million households worldwide. The company recently announced that it has reached the number one spot in robotic vacuum cleaner sales worldwide, achieving a CAGR of 73.32% in 2023. These positive results come in a context where the demand for autonomous or connected cleaning devices is growing significantly. In fact, according to a recent study conducted by Roborock with IDC, the size of the global smart home market will continue to grow, driven by the widespread desire for convenience, energy efficiency and security.

S8 Maxv Ultra

Presented at Ces 2024, this model represents the company’s most technologically advanced solution, guaranteeing perfect performance and remarkable ease of use.

The vacuum cleaner designed for the most demanding users is characterized by important innovations:

  • the FlexiArm Design system, a robotic arm that enables complete cleaning of corners and edges. In combination with the Extra Edge washing system, an additional side cloth, it ensures extremely precise cleaning and 100% coverage of corners and edges;
  • the Vibra  Rise 3.0 washing system, in which double vibration modules enable thorough cleaning of the cloth thanks to high-speed washing 4000x/min; The S8 Max V Ultra can also rise up to 20mm when you bump into carpets.
  • Rock Dock Ultra, an intelligent charging station with 8 functions to enjoy a “hands free” experience: it vacuums dust, automatically fills and dispenses detergent, washes the cloth with hot water at 60° and dries it with air heated to 60° to prevent the formation of odors and mold. It also detects the level of soiling to determine the next wash of the cloth and perform a new wash if necessary.


  • Reactive Ai 2.0 system for recognizing and avoiding obstacles of any type;
  • an integrated “Hello Rocky” voice assistant that allows you to use the Matter protocol and make video calls;
  • extremely high suction power, which reaches 10,000 Pa.

Qrevo Pro

Roborock Qrevo Pro, the latest solution in the Qrevo range, is a technological solution for those looking for high-end cleaning and washing equipment at a more affordable price.

The technological innovations of Qrevo Pro are particularly significant, such as:

  • the FlexiArm Design Edge Mopping system, a robotic arm that extends one of the cloths to effectively wash edges and corners, with 98.8% coverage;
  • multifunctional charging station 2.0, which takes care of device maintenance independently. The towel is washed at 60° and dried with hot air at 45°. The filling and emptying of the water and dust tank is automatic, which guarantees the user more peace of mind;


  • Intelligent Dirt Detection technology that detects the level of dirt to determine the next wash of the cloth and, if necessary, to wash the floor again;
  • Reactive Tech intelligent navigation and obstacle avoidance system;
  • simple and intuitive control using an application that allows you to customize and program all cleaning modes according to your needs;
  • HyperForce suction power of 7,000 Pa, which is combined with a mop rotation speed of 200 rpm. and by automatically raising the mop up to 10mm when carpets are detected.

The S8 MaxV Ultra is already available on Amazon and subsequently in the MediaWorld online store at a price of 1499 euros.

Until May 8, the S8 MaxV Ultra will be offered on all sales channels at a promotional price of 1,399 euros. Qrevo Pro will be available according to the same methods at a price of 899 euros and in a promotion until May 8 at a price of 799 euros.


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