Faenza Cresce explains the reasons for his “yes” to the construction of the land


The city council discussed the operating agreement in the area called “Ghilana” on Tuesday night. Faenza is growing they voted to build the plot.

“Tuesday night’s vote was the latest step in a nearly four-year process in which the city council has always voted yes in the past. So it is clear that the attitude has changed, as stated by Councilor Ortolani and Mayor Della Godenza himself in the Council of the Union, based on the precautionary principle,” explains the head of the Faenza Cresce group in the City Council, Andrea Luccaroni.

“Thanks to this change of direction from the administration, our list tried to understand what scientific evidence would make this plot more at risk compared to neighboring already urbanized ones, but we did not get an answer: to date, there is only one proposal for a special plan, which will be prepared in of June (more than a year after the event), in which risk areas are not highlighted – Luccaroni continues -. We therefore believe that the hydraulic protection of the city cannot be achieved by preventing construction in an already built-up area, and that a simple refusal is therefore an insufficient and incorrect response, because the city does not make it safe, but only says NO”.

“In fact, we believe that it is necessary to discuss the main works for the Lamone and Marzeno valleys with the safety works upstream (expansion reservoirs, embankments, river cleaning, maintenance of drainage channels and hilly terrain and mountains) because only through these works will they be able to give the city a real response, even in areas already inhabited and tragically affected by the floods of last May – they underline from Faenza Cresce – In addition, we cannot help but be concerned about the relocation of over 3,400 houses and companies, already notified in the Plan, only for landslides , besides, others will have to be added because of the proximity of the rivers”.

“We therefore hope that this relocation will not affect homes and businesses in Faenza, a city that will have to be secured by strategic works upstream and not by moving ‘pieces’, according to vague precautionary principles that change opportunities to NE and block the development of an already existing city a knee that wants nothing more than to get up—they continue—. In conclusion, we would like to discuss some imaginative constructions that have appeared in the newspapers in recent days: our list is and continues to be constructively part of the majority and the Council of this city, in which it restores confidence in all its members, while maintaining its ideas of development towards a more attractive of the future for students, families and businesses”.


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