Passive and ecological house, surfaces protected by FILA Solutions

THE raw earth floors they have a special material surface obtained from uncooked clay soil. This is a ecological and sustainable material, ideal for ecological buildings which, however, requires specific care, which can be perfectly achieved with FILA Solutions products, especially the MP90 ECO Xtreme waterproof protector and the MATT protective wax.

Villa Koppar (located about 45 km west of Helsinki) is immersed in a natural context passive house, completely ecological built using a prefabricated straw construction and geothermally heated. The exterior is covered with spruce boards, the interior is clay plaster and the inner floors are made of raw earth. An architectural firm is in charge of the project Cooperation.

The living area, complete with a panoramic sauna, is located on the upper floor and allows you to enjoy the view and the rocky terrain around thanks to the large terrace. The bedrooms are on the ground floor and have direct access to the garden. Both the interior and the lighting are characterized by a single approach minimalistic given mainly by the use of wood and clay materials.

MP90 ECO Xtreme is an environmentally friendly, water-based product used to protect natural stone, marble, polished porcelain stoneware, concrete and agglomerated surfaces from stains. Waterproof, protects and simplifies cleaning actually being hydro-oil repellent, prevents the absorption of common stains of oily and watery origin. It is a very low VOC product with a low environmental impact with Indoor Air Comfort Gold certification and does not contain hydrocarbon solvents.

Precisely because of its properties, the MP90 ECO Xtreme found its application mainly in the kitchen. As it is suitable in situations of residual moisture, the application can be carried out 24-48 hours after the first wash, so the treatment is fast and the surface is walkable after only two hours.

MATT it is a natural effect for the maintenance and matt surface treatment of floors, including raw earth, as well as terracotta, clinker, antique marble and natural stone. Its use is ideal after water-based waterproofing and gives surfaces a natural effect; polished allows to obtain a satin effect. Completely removable, it repels dirt and has an anti-dust effect, which facilitates routine maintenance.

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