Bonitta will coach the American Women’s Pro League

A few days after the great Game 3 semi-final play-off that closed his championship and a week from the double-header with Tinet Prata (Wednesday May 1st in Friuli, Sunday May 5th in Pala De Andrè) worth a place in the final four of the Coppa Italia, Porto Robur Costa 2030 wanted to take stock of this sporting year and give the first glimpses of the coming year at a press conference held this morning at the headquarters of the Consar Group. Present were patron Veniero Rosetti, President of Consar, Matteo Rossi, President of Porto Robur Costa 2030 and Vice-President of Consar, Sports Council of the Municipality of Ravenna Giacomo Costantini and Coach and Sports Director Marco Bonitta.

Bonitta has officially released the first reportstarting with his farewell to the Ravenna bench, but not the company: it will go to to coach one of the six franchises that will launch in January 2025 in the United States the first professional US women’s championship, but before preparations begin overseas – at the end of September – he will conduct the transfer market to assemble the staff of the first team, “and there will also be time to set guidelines for all programming, meet with the managers of each sector, define the work on the youth teams and also watch the start of the first team. The project of the new American league was strongly supported by the American federation to allow the girls who leave it to play in their home country. A very fascinating project that it gives me the opportunity to come into contact with the American volleyball world, which is experiencing a moment of great popularity.”

Several players in the squad will also changebut the club “will start again with the foundations and principles that inspired the current three-year project – Bonitta added – which, however, will remain focused on young people and guarantee the competitiveness of the team. We are losing some players including Bovolenta, Orioli and Mancini, but I will break the string in their favor and their sense of gratitude: if we were promoted to the Super League, they would have stayed in Ravenna, a responsible attitude of children who understood what the club had done for them.”

The the president of Consar Veniero Rosetti he wanted to underline the behavior of the players among the very positive notes of this year’s edition. “One of the things I asked about was the attitude, the way of behaving, because the brand is transmitted externally through the way you behave and I have to say that the guys were exceptional in that regard as well.” And sincere thanks went out to everyone, who have worked for the company in various capacities, to Marc Bonitt, praised “for his unquestionable professionalism” and to Matteo Rossi, “whose contribution and proximity have been essential to support the commitment that Consar has made and will continue to make.” to devote myself to volleyball, which I also enjoy more and more.”

President Matteo Rossi looked back over the two years of the projectwith a focus on the dramatic growth of the youth sector: “a complete chain that, from Cas to under 19s, includes 278 members – he elaborated proudly – of which 127 boys and girls from Cas. An important number of groups that testifies to the commitment, the strength and the work that this club does every day, the fruit that today has led to the fact that we also have guys who have grown up with us in the first team. But it is a number that also testifies to the excellent networking within the company and the constant dialogue with the institutions and the municipality, which allowed us to create the conditions to set up the youth sector in this way. This is a big commitment that, in my opinion, this company must not stop fulfilling and guaranteeing.”

Councilor Giacomo Costantini he brought his greetings and compliments and greetings of the administration for the outstanding sporting year led by Consar. “We admired the great volleyball, but I also happened to watch some training and every time I was struck by the intensity of the work in the gym, an intensity that was then transferred to the court with the results we saw.” . For councilor Costantini, an important aspect was the close cooperation between the two entities and “the beautiful climate created in the team and with other sports clubs, with which there was never a lack of positive and constructive relations. Important seeds were sown during those two years.”


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