New women’s shoes SS 2024 by Daniele Giovani Design


Luxury designer shoes Design by Daniele Giovani for this spring-summer 2024, they express intense tones of elegance thanks to a refined and refined look. It is a tribute to the romantic, seductive woman who likes to dictate her glamorous style by choosing Made in Italy excellence.

“Color Poems” is a dive into the past of the eclectic Milanese designer, a music box that turns lightly, the joy of colors and lights that “mix” in a dance, the enchantment and magical seduction of distant memories that reappear. That subtle magic that time does not affect, that imagines, creates, gives “poems”.

“Through colors that create a connection between body and mind, we are able to identify ourselves, represent our personality, but also experience “poetic” and intense emotions,” says the designer who decided to create a collection of slingbacks, pumps. , sandals, sabots, sneakers, flats, handmade in the Marche shoe district.

It is here that skilled hands combine with rare materials to create models rich in unique details. In his third collection, Daniele Giovani wanted to play with a charming palette of pastel and bright shades for an explosion of colors, emotions and joy. From the most subtle nuances, from nude and pale blue to the vibrancy of fuchsia, green, blue and orange.

The rarity of laminates, which have always characterized the brand, cannot be overlooked. High and seductive heels, but also etiquette. Models for every type of occasion where one needs to be noticed with class… Daniele Giovani likes to express femininity, identity, thanks to his chromatic vein, shades, tones, shades, shades and shapes. personality, giving emotions, suggestions, perceptions.

Daniele Giovani, new and captivating fashion languages

Daniele Giovani was born one evening in May in Milan. Always in love with the creativity of fashion and the beauty of architecture. Just as the heel of a seductive shoe can cast spells and become an integral part of the wearer’s body, architecture represents the designer’s “ego” that interacts with the outside world. He sees both as extensions of himself.

He graduated in “Fashion Design” at the Polytechnic of Milan and was able to study and deepen the culture of design planning. After obtaining a master’s degree in “Brand Strategy and Communication, Fashion and Design” at IULM in Milan, he enriched his knowledge of the “intangible” part of fashion linked to the brand concept. In search of a synthesis between his two passions, fashion and architecture, he then attended the University Master’s course in “Accessory Design” at the Polytechnic of Milan, where he first sketched his first shoe. “Such emotions that made me understand what would happen next,” says the shoe designer. “My creations are the result of a personal vision and interpretation of the ‘Milano’ style, based on a mix of inhomogeneous elements that can create new and captivating fashion languages.” In his projects, we thus find a fusion between past and present, creativity and artisanal tradition, where innovation rests on ancient footprints”.


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