Natural pools that look like they were painted by an artist

We travel for many reasons, we do it to get to the artistic monuments and architectural masterpieces that have become symbols of entire cities and countries, to visit iconic places, to touch with our hands and senses the traditions, customs and cultures of populations near and far.

But we also do it to keep a close eye on them all extraordinary works that bear the signature of Mother Nature and which are so beautiful they don’t seem real. And yet they are, and therefore appear to our eyes as in a dream.

And that’s what happens when you visit Huanglong Park, an area of ​​historical and scenic interest located in Songpan County, Sichuan Province, China. Here are some natural pools that are the color of the sky it is? they look like they were painted by an artist.

A wonderland that stole the colors from the picture

Our adventure today takes us to the other side of the world, in one enchanted destination which alone is worth the trip. We are located in Huanglong, a scenic and scenic area of ​​immense beauty located in Sichuan Province, China, little known to mass tourism. AND wonderland park which was included in the list UNESCO World Heritage in 1992 and which today is considered a biosphere reserve.

They show what is so extraordinary to see here images on the web and social networks. The area is actually famous for its dark blue pools of water formed by limestone deposits. All around lush forests, snowy peaks and… thunderous waterfalls that make the scenery worthy of a fairy tale.

Huanglong ParkIn addition, over the years it has turned into a habitat for many indigenous species that are in danger of extinction. He is also among them giant panda which hides among the majestic conifers.

The vision that unfolds before the eyes of those who arrive here is truly unreal. The absolute protagonists of the scenario are small natural lakes characterized by iridescent and bright colors, which as a whole they look like a painted picture. And instead, it’s all thanks to Mother Nature again.

How and when to visit natural swimming pools that look like they are painted

Huanglong Park, definitely less well-known than the picturesque Jiuzhaigou area, is opening before the eyes of travelers like a daydream. Time and atmospheric factors have turned this area into the stage of an incredible spectacle, the stage of many natural lakes with incredible colors.

Blue water actually assumes infinite nuances thanks to calcium carbonate deposits, it turns into a sparkling rainbow that bewitches and enchants.

There are many different routes you can take to reach the lakes painted by mother nature and admire the whole landscape. The best time for this trip is certainly autumn, during which it is possible to admire the scenery under the suggestive light of the season. Even in summer, Huanglong shows its most beautiful face: in the rainy season, the pools and waterfalls are more lush than ever.

To reach Huanglong and get your fill of beauty, the advice is to land at Jiuzhai Huanglong Airport and rent a car from there. Alternatively, it is possible to participate in numerous trips that are organized throughout the year.


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