Mulliner virtuosity is born on the Bentley Bentayga: Apex Edition


(Crewe, April 29, 2024) Bentley Motors it further enhances the visual impact and dynamic capabilities Bentayga through its division Mullinerwith the introduction of a limited series of 20 pieces called Apex edition. Featuring ultra-strong and lightweight 22″ Mulliner carbon rims paired with carbon-ceramic brakes, it will be offered with a choice of six unique specifications designed by the Mulliner design team. All specifications feature a center painted stripe that runs across the hood and roof, a first for a Bentayga. More more exclusive will be a specific offer only for owners of the Continental GT Le Mans Edition, who will be able to order the Bentayga Apex Edition with coordinated trim and paint.

With 550 horsepower and features that include active tilt and rear-wheel steering, the Bentayga S is the sporty flagship of Bentley’s luxury SUV range. The Bentayga Apex Edition offers even greater agility and stopping power thanks to carbon rims and carbon-ceramic brakes, details that help define the Bentayga with the best design and dynamic characteristics ever.

The most dynamic Bentayga ever

The Apex Edition is based on the Bentayga S, which is powered by Bentley’s powerful 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 petrol engine. This engine develops 550 HP and 770 Nm of torque, with a 0-100 km/h sprint in 4.5 seconds and a top speed of 290 km/h. With Bentley’s Dynamic Ride active anti-roll system and rear-wheel steering as standard, its exhilarating performance is underlined by the sound of its sports exhaust.

These dynamic characteristics are further enhanced by the 22″ carbon Mulliner wheel rims that equip the Apex Edition, developed specifically for the Bentayga in collaboration with the specialists at Bucci Composites. In total, the four carbon wheels save an incredible 24 kg of unsprung mass. The carbon fiber allows not only a significant weight saving, but it also offers the additional benefits of increased strength and stiffness.This leads to a number of substantial improvements:

Greater driving agility: the weight saving of 6 kg and the high rigidity guaranteed by the properties of carbon fibers translate into a more stable and compact steering system. In comparison, a forged aluminum rim can lose up to a notch
camber due to wheel bending, which reduces grip and agility.

Better braking and more reactive: due to the loss of unsprung mass.

Greater security: when the rim experiences a heavy impact, the fabric peels off, leaving holes that allow for a gradual loss of air rather than an immediate deflation like aluminum rims.

Reduced tire wear: Since the carbon rim is stiffer, it does not experience as much flex, allowing for more tire stability and a more even contact patch due to the larger contact area.

Braking performance is also improved, thanks to the Carbon-Silicon-Carbide (CSiC) discs that are part of the uncompromising specification of the Apex edition. These discs deliver a weight saving of over 20kg compared to traditional disc brakes, offer a maximum braking torque of 6,000Nm and are designed to withstand temperatures of up to 1,000°C.

Six themes curated by Mulliner

The first of six Mulliner themes features a stunning Candy Red satin body shade with Anthracite paint and subtle Artic White accents. Inside, Arctic White main leather trim and Hotspur accents are complemented by contrasting Arctic White stitching on the seat trim. This contrasting color is also found in the satin carbon fiber fascia and belt lines.

The design of the Theme 2 Apex Edition features darker tones that create an eye-catching atmosphere, with Anthracite exterior trims and gloss black paint on the body. Slim lines in Mandarin create an elegant contrast. Inside, a Mandarin tone is designed for the main upholstery, the important impact of which is framed by the warm tone of Beluga leather. This shade also frames the satin carbon fiber veneer and carpet overlays.

The third design proposal has a distinctive Orange Flame exterior finish and uses the same color as the carbon fiber body paint. Instead of a contrasting color stripe, this design features an Orange Flame body finish in a satin finish that creates a subtle color variation. Inside, Linen primary leather and Newmarket Tan secondary leather are complemented by Charcoal leather that appears on the seat wings and contrast stitching, steering wheel and center console.

The fourth design theme also features a subtle body stripe in a satin version of the main exterior trim, in this case Alpine Green. A thin orange line defines the profile of the aerodynamic components. Inside, Portland and Cumbrian Green shades predominate for the main and secondary coverings. Orange features appear in the contrasting stitching, seat trim, veneer edges, console and steering wheel.

The fifth theme features a Pale Brodgar exterior with Anthracite body paint and Bacalar Bronze stripes, a shade originally created for Bentley Mulliner’s latest two-seater barchetta. Inside, the colors Linen and Porpoise create a relaxed atmosphere, enlivened by touches of Bacalar Bronze in the contrasting seat trim and on the steering wheel and console. The latest design theme features an Extreme Silver exterior finish with a contrasting Beluga color strip running down the center along the hood and roof. The thin stripes on the lower part of the body and the lower edge of the aerodynamic components are done in Signal Yellow. Inside the skin
the main is in Signal Yellow and the secondary Beluga leather creates a very personal contrast.

Finally, owners of the Continental GT and GTC Le Mans editions, created in 2023 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Bentley’s sixth victory at the La Sarthe circuit, will be able to order the Bentayga Apex Edition in a matching color scheme, Verdant green with Le trim. Men’s Style Moonbeam Race. The interior matches that of the Continental GT Le Mans Edition, with Beluga leather seats and Dynamica cloth seats. The interior’s monochromatic interior is lightened by contrasting seat stitching and seat belts in Hotspur colour. The leather-wrapped and Dynamica steering wheel also features contrasting Hotspur stitching and contrast detailing at six o’clock.

Apex Edition Specifications

Each Bentayga Apex Edition is fully equipped with a high level of customized content. The car’s bespoke bodywork includes an aerodynamic front spoiler, rear spoiler, sills and mirror caps in satin carbon fiber with Styling specification. The interior features a bespoke color scheme with satin carbon fiber trim, center console and door sills and a five-seat Comfort specification, complete with a Naim for Bentley sound system. Other custom touches include embroidered Apex Edition seat inserts with contrasting Bentley emblems, an Apex Edition logo on the belt lines, and Apex Edition carbon fiber door sills. There are also Apex Edition carbon fiber badges on the outer D-pillar. All Apex Edition models feature the latest and most powerful Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) with the inclusion of specific

Tailor-made co-creation

The exclusivity of this Apex edition is guaranteed by the worldwide limited production of just 20 examples. Mulliner customers are encouraged to be inspired by interesting design proposals, but to further express their personal creativity during the co-creation process. By working directly with the designers at the Mulliner studio, customers have the opportunity to create truly unique and personal Bentayga expressions.


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