Mikaela Neaze Silva: who is she, interview

The Milan boutique DoDo is a very sweet candy, a pleasant and colorful place that will put everyone at ease. Maybe that’s why Mikaela Neaze Silva was like that stunning, warm and cheerful. Or maybe it’s her amazing ease—whether it’s innate or acquired talent, it doesn’t matter—that makes her able to say important, personal, deep things, but always with a smile, to embrace the camera, us, and the room. in the same gesture. We asked her what her future commitments are, what she’s passionate about and what motivates her, and the result was a chat between friends like you have on a Saturday afternoon on the Navi gli as soon as the sun comes up. A breath fresh air and the smell of flowers.

Mikaela is a model and dancer, but now she loves the most gaming: “I’ve been studying it for three years. I like the role of an actress because it brings that empathy, sensitivity that we should all have. It’s a passion that I discovered late and thanks to which I’ve grown a lot. acting I can’t improvise like actors, you need preparation Next the thing I like is to be able to create a good atmosphere on the set, to work well with whoever can create harmony on the set, and the result will rarely be good.” A path decorated with passion and the desire to do but not always easy: “I have always faced difficulties, even those specific to being a woman. Being a woman is very beautiful. My mother left Afghanistan when she was 18, I was born in Moscow. Later she had to flee to Angola: she did not have the support of her family , because she wanted to be with my father She was my example of a determined woman who knows what she wants and knows how to assert her independence despite what society imposes, she passed on her strength to me and she continued to do so throughout his life.

These origins caused her some problems, not only in Italy: “I grew up and lived in completely different parts of the world and that also allowed me to understand others. It wasn’t always easy. For example, when I came to Italy, I tried to accept my hair because it was different than now. It’s my strong point, my ‘happy hair’ There was discrimination, you couldn’t deny that there are people in the world who weren’t as lucky as I was to grow up in a family that gave me important values ​​and that allowed me to travel.” Over the years, hair has become one of Mikaela’s many ways he expresses himself and expresses himself, together with dance, music, painting, drawing. Also together with clothes and accessories, especially to jewels. DoDo, of course: “DoDo and I share a love for the arts, for diversity, for inclusion. It was nice to join this family, I feel like we understand each other.”

When we ask her what she would recommend to a girl who wants to follow the same path as her, Mikael will light up: “Staying yourself, not changing for others, not being afraid to say no to certain situations. We have the right to say no, not to compromise. I didn’t take shortcuts and I’m very proud of that, I got where I am on my own two feet It also takes luck, to be in the right place at the right time, to study and prepare, but to believe in it a lot, to have discipline your futurewho shines almost as much as she does, says: “I hope that soon the independent film I worked on, called Roman blues and directed by Gianluca Manzetti. It’s a film that deals with marginalization, people who don’t feel accepted in today’s society. I hope everyone can see it. Another project I am very proud of is Never too late, a series that deals with climate change directed by Salvatore De Chirico and Lorenzo Vignola. It’s coming out on RaiPlay, I hope you enjoy it!”


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