Kaze: an interview with the musician and actress Call my agent

Kaze is a practical, dynamic and straightforward girl. When we meet her, she tells us about her background as a nurse and the difficulties she has experienced in her career and – more generally – in the life of a nurse. Black woman who wants to break into the world of music in Italy. We leave enriched, full of ideas that we can try to build, starting with ourselves, a better world. His first album was released on 12 Post by Darkand we can’t stop listening to it. Especially after meeting her.

A shirt draped over one shoulder, sunny yellow pants, and bright purple sandals. Kaze is sitting on our couch eating river in flood inspirations and anecdotes, some good and some bad, but all proactive: “My music is autobiographical: it was born as a secret diary where I kept my things. Now I try to give it a little more universal meaning, to think about what I can give to the listener. Without letting myself be too influenced and without letting myself be overcome by the fear and anxiety of having to please someone.” Of course, her autobiography begins with being a woman and a black woman in the country beautiful but complicated, Italy. “Breaking into music as a woman is more difficult. There are very few women in the music business. There is a concept that women don’t write their own songs. I personally care a lot about writing, I’m a little afraid to write with someone else because I don’t want to hear that I don’t write my own songs, and maybe because of that I’m missing out on opportunities and then there’s a lot of competition, maybe because there’s less reserved space. there’s a feeling that yes, he can only see one woman at a time, but that’s not true, there’s a place in music for all.” Her speech also touches on women’s solidarity: “We are fighting to create a group. I would like to overcome these difficulties, join others to create a healthier environment.”

As regards Burundian origin, Kaze makes us discover something: “Burundi and Italy have two similar cultures in terms of values. There is a bond with family, friendship, there is an inclination towards others.” Not everything was rosy: “I felt different, I tried to be similar to my classmates. I had to work hard to accept myself one hundred percent, with the beauty that the two cultures gave me. It’s not easy, but then as I grew up and I realized that by offering my experience, maybe I could create a space in the mind of someone who had no idea what that meant, to start a dialogue.” The discrimination was: “The ones I suffered were always very gentle. I was told ‘you’re beautiful for being black because you’re lighter’ and I didn’t understand if it was a compliment or if it was an insult to a standard of beauty that was different from At work I always felt some kind of prejudice that made me competitive, which made me it forced me to study to prove that I deserved the place, it was uncomfortable, I felt that I had to be perfect all the time to defend the whole category It was a big burden, also from a psychological point of view.

In his life not only music, on the contrary. First another life, the consecrated one studies in Rome and then to the work of a nurse: “I worked in the emergency room for two and a half years. I moved to Milan to be a nurse. I started working during Covid. I had to go through a lot of therapy to overcome some things. But on the other hand, it’s a job that teaches a lot of empathy, and I fondly remember the good one, which I wouldn’t return, but it was a useful experience.” Even though it was always his dream next: “I always wanted to be a singer, it was my secret dream, but I had no idea how to do it. It scared me a lot. I did small experiments, I acted, I did theater. Through a series of coincidences, after the X-Factor Audition, someone gave my casting contact who was looking for a film, and I remember it as a moment of total insanity, how to do it, I was convinced that making a film automatically made you famous that it doesn’t work that way.”

Total and impulsive change with many difficulties. It is also related to this advise, report what would she give to a girl who has the same dream as her: “In return, I would tell this hypothetical girl to prepare very well. I always felt unprepared. My family couldn’t afford me to study music when I was little and now I feel more confident, I’m beating myself, I think if I studied this time I would do a thousand times better, so my advice is: if you have an opportunity in life, dare to go and somehow it will be done to prepare and it will take a little more time, but don’t look opportunities without being prepared.” Among these opportunities also Call my agenta television series broadcast on Sky Serie and a remake of the French series Dix pour a penny. Kaze participated in both seasons. “I liked the second season more than the first, we already knew each other, so everything was much easier. There was an atmosphere of fun and dedication on the set. The funniest thing? The days with Gabriel Muccino. He put it one hundred percent on the line, came in the morning and did such a shout to pump us all up.” the future we don’t talkfor happiness: “I’m superstitious, I keep everything to myself. But I hope to do more and more of what I enjoy. I’m enjoying the moment, I’m focusing on the album, but I’m also experimenting, I’d like to see myself in a different coat , I take dance lessons, I’d like to incorporate my body, I always hated that I couldn’t dance.”


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