Interview with Nicky Passarella

Then acting, which is the next step in building a career stronger and stronger: “I am very exaggerated in my ways. When I was little, my mother always told me that I should become an actress. But you never take something like that seriously. I like to be in front of the cameras, I like to talk. With social media fame came emails suggesting I audition. And so I started and then I applied to acting school, I also started studying. I’ll have to continue the journey.” “One of these auditions brought me to Netflix. The incredible thing: mom, I’m on Netflix, I made a movie. I’m very proud of myself, my journey and all the people who helped me, because obviously millions of people are behind me.” Speaking of Netflix, of course the conversation continues tear maker, a film based on the novel of the same name, which won millions of viewers. “Working on it was crazy. When you watch a movie where you don’t know what’s behind it, you try to imagine it. I had this idea of ​​a bigoted director, an environment where everyone judges you because you forget your lines. Instead, it was the happiest experience of my life. It was all beautiful, it all came naturally. The relationships on set were strong and true, we had fun. I only stayed for two weeks, I wasn’t the main character, so I had a light, beautiful time. To define something that is work as light means that you like it a lot. I hope there will be many more such experiences. I have a lot of funny anecdotes. I was afraid to give a lecture sometimes, so I brought candies to the set to sweeten everyone a little so that they could eat together. It’s too Nicky.”

It makes us wonder (and ask you) if your experience in front of the iPhone camera helped you be in front of the camera, too. Things are actually very different and Nicky he understood immediately: “When you record with your mobile phone, you can watch it again, you can redo the video as many times as you want, you are completely dependent on yourself: I am the one who decides how I will wear my makeup, how I will dress up. hair, what should my intonation be. In a film situation, it’s completely different. You can’t see it coming, it’s total reliance, something I’ve never been used to. I didn’t completely panic though, in fact I almost took the load off that I usually handle. I’m too much of a perfectionist, trusting others helps me from a personal point of view as well.” Character, Billie, helped. “She is very close to me. When I was preparing for the audition, I was excited, I thought, ‘I love this character and I want to do the best I can because it’s me, and if this doesn’t go well, maybe acting isn’t my path’. . So I went to my acting school to see my teacher and asked her to watch me while I got ready. We were on a video call for a few days, we talked, we rehearsed this part many times. I cared, I collected opinions. The audition went well, I left thinking I was happy with what I had done. It was the first time that happened to me.” But the comfort zone, as we already understood, does not satisfy Nicky, who wants grow and surpass yourself more and more, as a person and at work: “I want to do characters that are not Nicky. I know I can do it, I would like to try to go out, discover new things. A person once told me that he discovered many sides of himself by playing very different characters. So maybe in the character that’s opposite you, that’s your opposite, you find something about yourself, a little something, and you discover it because you see it in that character. I would like to try it. I’ve tried it before, but I’d like to try it more, at any cost. I want to engage, study, learn, discover and discover myself.”

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