Inhotim: a garden of wonders where art and nature mix

In heart lush Brazilian forest stands a magical and unusual place where human creativity harmoniously blends with nature and gives life to an extraordinary experience.

Today we are in Inhotim The an open-air museum of contemporary art the largest in Latin America, an authentic symphony of colors and works immersed in the majesty of the surrounding flora and fauna.

Hidden in the hills of Minas Gerais, just ninety minutes from Belo Horizonte, this place captures the hearts and imaginations of tourists from all over the world and creates a truly unforgettable experience. We will take you on a journey through a vast and enchanting park where palm trees, toucans and hummingbirds move in harmony with visionary sculptures and art installations which give life to a spectacular and unique scenography.


an earthly Eden in the heart of Brazil

In the city Brumadinho in the welcoming arms of the Atlantic Forest, it lies Inhotim. This authentic earthly paradise is the fruit of the bold vision of industrialist Bernard Paz in collaboration with the exceptional landscape architect Robert Burle Marx. Target? Protect the natural beauty of the reserve and convert it to a masterpiece where art and nature blend beautifully.

A park of wonders that lasts 500 works of art created by talented Brazilian and international artists. Majestic sculptures, photographs that capture the soul, engaging videos, interesting installations, drawings and paintings that tell emotions and stories, making every step of the way a real museum in the open air.

This a priceless legacy proves to be even more valuable due to the presence of rich biodiversity with approx 3000 species of plants which act as a natural environment for works of art. Experienced botanists performed real magic, masterfully planting some artistic creations between branches and petals, creating a scenography where human expression dances in perfect synergy with the bounty of nature.

Furthermore, i futuristic pavilions which welcome the installations like precious jewels and add a touch of modernity to this paradisiacal environment. Every corner of Inhotim reveals incredible attention to detail, meticulous care that turns the park into a haven for the soul.

Exploring Inhotim:

a cultural journey between art and nature

With 600 hectares of protected forest, five lakes and 45 hectares of gardens cared for with love and dedication, Inhotim welcomes you to a world where every step is a page to discover. As in a vast library, journeys are transformed into chapters that tell a story history of exceptional works of art and the lush flora that surrounds them.

Each walk is a journey that allows you to discover the works of extraordinary artists such as Oiticica, Miguel Rio Branco, Giuseppe Penone with his impressive “Altitude”, Doug Aitken, Janet Cardiff and many more. The routes, sometimes long and challenging, allow you to discover a temple of contemporary art which is constantly expanding.

The boundless and visionary ambition of the project actually aims to transform this extraordinary place into a work of art fully absorbing. In addition to works, the park aspires to to become a cultural microcosm hotels, shops, theaters and libraries have been added, making it a must-stop for anyone who wants to get to know Brazil through its most authentic soul.


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