Flag bearers and musicians from Faenza are part of the FISB: Overcome the differences

The mutual differences were finally overcome and the subsequent stalemate, which until now had hindered the return of the Faenza districts to the FISB – the Italian Flag-Waving Federation – ended. The municipality of Faenza informs about it. The positive result of the new request for association also came thanks to a letter signed by the mayor and magistrate of the districts Massimo Isola and the five district leaders of Niballo – Palio di Faenza addressed to the president and board of the FISB, then , in During the last year some misunderstandings led to the exclusion of the flag bearers belonging to the districts of Faenza from Federation and subsequently also from competitions, including Tenzone aurea 2023.

The letter came at the end of a month-long discussion, after which Mayor Massimo Isola, Vice Mayor Andrea Fabbri and FISB President Antonella Palumbo laid the groundwork for Faenza, a founding member of FISB, to continue his work. contribution to the world of flags, in the common interest of improving the work of the federation and the growth of the movement.

Mayor Massimo Isola declares:

“In recent months we have started a very constructive discussion with the FISB so that the Faenza districts can fully return to the Federation. As we have had the opportunity to repeat, Faenza, with its tradition, could in no way remain on the sidelines of the movement that is part of its identity. This was mainly due to the hundreds of girls and boys who visit the districts every week to learn the art of flags and train with dedication, who risked continuing to be penalized unnecessarily. Regarding the participation of Faenza’s flag bearers in the opening ceremony of the World Cup in Qatar in November 2022, I think it is necessary to clarify that the episode was the result of a major misunderstanding and that it was certainly not Faenza’s intention to want to limit the role and prerogatives of the FISB. In that case, underestimation errors occurred. For our part, we also regret the tone in the exciting months ahead. However, this page is closed and we are finally breathing an atmosphere of renewed and constructive cooperation, also thanks to the great sense of responsibility of the Faenza districts, to whom I want to publicly thank.”

For President Antonella Palumbo:

“The journey undertaken by Mayor Isola and his staff in recent months has been an important journey that has allowed us to rebuild a healthy relationship between the districts of Faenza and the world of FISB, to put the pieces back together and above all to regroup the visions through an honest and direct dialogue that has given impetus to a constructive discussion, which these days ends with a jointly signed letter signed by all the founding bodies of the ancient historical reality of Faenza. Respect for each of the federal groups and the valorization of each individual member is the fundamental and founding element of our association, a principle that we felt we wanted to defend and take care of on behalf of every musician, character and flag-waving in Italy, remembering the necessity to observe – and getting people to follow – the rules we as an association have set up to protect everyone. I would like to emphasize that the FISB has always worked with seriousness and professionalism, in an atmosphere of dialogue and cooperation with local institutions. Unfortunately, critics through social media and the press have slowed down constructive discussion, created an atmosphere of tension and spread unfounded and misleading messages that make it difficult to quickly find a solution: we are very happy that today instead we can put an end to what someone thought was only there one point.”


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