Fedez and Belve: what happened to Chiara Ferragni

Everyone was talking Fedez and Chiara Ferragni, about their breakup, about the treatment he was given by the media. The rapper himself is now adding fuel to the fire with the much-anticipated participation in Belve with Francesca Fagnani. In recent months, there has been speculation about the couple’s situation Ferragnez they have slipped out of the hands of public opinion, from newspapers, through blogs and social networks. It all started from last Sanremo, the one in 2023 in which the influencer and entrepreneur co-hosted and a rapper in the audience stole the show by exchanging a kiss with Rosa Chemical, who was participating as a contestant. From that moment—which served as a match on a mountain of gunpowder— no one ever found peace again.

Ferragnez: the Balocco scandal and media treatment

The straw that broke the camel’s back would be Balocco’s charity scandal, the apology video that followed, the social silence to limit the damage, but perhaps also handling painful things in private. Magazines, newspapers and the singing company, which have already proven that they do not want to limit themselves, definitely broke the banks. On Twitter, the Instagram stories of those directly involved were analyzed, saved, screenshotted, commented on and zoomed in on every day. The state of the Ferragnez marriage seems to have become a matter of national interest, and to hell with the fact that children are involved, people. This has been compounded by several confirmations of separation in recent weeks, including gory details, who have no problem talking about their illness, economic interests and hinting at possible betrayals. Not even those directly involved were spared: Chiara Ferragni was a guest of Fabio Fazio What is the weather and Fedez retaliated against Belve from afar.

Fedez Belve: statement

What did the 34-year-old player say to Fagnani? In short, he admitted that the Balocco scandal influenced the breakup, talking abouthigh mediality about his marriage and talked about his wife quite calmly, he also talked about how they helped each other professionally, they learned a lot. “There’s a certain feeling around our characters conspiracy. As if it was all calculus. These are accusations, how can I justify myself?” he stated. “Chiara and I have been through many difficult times, such as my illness. It was a difficult 3 years. We didn’t hold back” he added at the end. Nothing I haven’t heard before and nothing new. There was also a story about him, including problems with drugs and mental health. However, everything disappears in the presence of a story (or fragments of a story)’the former most powerful couple in Italyeven on social media, where the highlights of the interview are obsessively shared and reposted, and will be for a few more days.

Ferragnez: a polarizing pair

There is no doubt that the Ferragnez are one of them power couple, polarizing and interesting for better or worse. For a moment, everything they touched turned to gold, and meanwhile the hatred grew. In short, they were just one of those topics that guarantees engagement and click, which gets people talking, which opens up debates that even disturb Giorgia Meloni herself. Omnipresent for years, they have shown us all about themselves, not only through social media, but also with their reality series for Prime Video, in which they showed that they are working on themselves and their marriage, even sharing sessions with a couples therapist. The question here – as always when we talk about figures born on social networks who, as a systematic work choice, confuse the public and the private – is always the same: the fact that they have exposedwill it justify the feasting on their lives that has been taking place in recent months?

A question of humanity

In our opinion, the answer in a nutshell and none. But if we can’t influence the ways in which individual users talk about it—who often get carried away with emotion and delude themselves into knowing people they don’t really know—we can argue on the newspaper, about authoritative sources of information, about their choice of words, expressions, approaches. On what public figures who are their enemies are doing. Because if they have Ferragnez he played with confusion on the fieldas we blur and artfully connect the personal and the professional, then we should become smarter than them and make that effort department, to the simple question of humanity. Objections raised against their actions should be limited to the work sphere, try not to touch the personal and private sphere. And if these conversations, like so many other things, turn out to be a very smart marketing move, then yes we could talk again. Until that moment, we could limit ourselves to silence and avoid the attitude of vultures.

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