Common home 2024, regeneration and innovation meet in Rome

The May 9 2024, from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Aula Magna Dome of the Luiss University – Guido Carli from Rome will become the focus of the third edition Shared homea forum for meetings and debates focused on sustainability and innovation.

The third edition of Common home – Regeneration now © Common home will arrive in Rome on May 9

Action, the result of cooperation between Assoholding, LabGov and Institute of Regenerative Marketing Philip Kotler, is again confirmed this year as an essential point of reference for addressing current issues such as sustainability, energy, climate change, civil rights, diversity and inclusion.

Regeneration now: this year’s theme Common Home

This year’s edition has a name Regeneration now and promises to be a place of meeting and discussion between international speakers, university professors, decision-makers and change-makers from the academic, political, economic and cultural worlds who will share their visions for a more sustainable and inclusive future. Among the confirmed protagonists are prestigious names such as Philip Kotlermarketing strategy expert and professor at the International Marketing Institute; Gaetano De VitoPresident of Assoholding; Christian Sarkarco-founder of the Regenerative Marketing Institute and many others who will bring their unique and visionary experiences to the debate.

Common home 2024: the programme

The protagonists of this edition will alternate keynote speeches, lectures and two thematic round tables with titles Planetary health: one person, one planet, one health AND Sustainability as a strategy, underscoring the event’s keen interest in finding and providing ideas for innovative and interconnected solutions that address global health and environmental sustainability. These topics are central to the debate about how human actions affect the planet and how sustainable practices can transform economies and societies and lead to a fairer and more resilient future.

The award ceremony will traditionally take place this year as well Regeneration Leader 2024, chaired by Philip Kotler in electronic mode. At the same time, space will be given innovative startups with them xLabs award. These awards are given annually by Assoholding to the best sustainability initiatives developed by first- and second-year Master’s students in Law, Digital Innovation and Sustainability at Luiss University who participate xLabs projectpre-incubation path based on an open and collaborative innovation model.

Finally, during the event, it will also be presented in world premiere new book by Christian Sarkar and Philip Kotler, Wicked problems: what can we do in this time of collapse? a publication that promises to explore and offer solutions to the most complex problems of our time.

Shared house and Assoholding

From its very name, Shared Home embodies the idea of ​​a similar planet shared house: a place where every person can (and must) contribute to the care of our Earth. Founded in 2022 by Assoholding and the Regenerative Marketing Institute, this independent organization promotes principlescivilian economy and one regenerative vision. Its mission is to provoke discussions about fundamental issues that affect the lives of all people, raise collective awareness and promote active participation to the debate.

This spirit of global community is reflected in the annual event, a celebration that aims to influence future generations and steer businesses towards a future where prosperity is driven by a sustainable and responsible footprint, where innovation plays a key role.

“Like Assoholding,” he explains Gaetano De Vito, president of Assoholding “we are developing a research program that, on a scientific basis, supports the participation of stakeholders in the company’s decision-making processes (…). Complexity requires a holistic approach because it consists of many dynamic elements. Highly innovative capital instruments can be used to support and manage this vibrant business ecosystem”.

Common home is not just a name, but a call to recognize and nurture our common home and face the challenges of our time together.

How to participate in the event

Participation in the Common Home event is free, release, by invitation, with the possibility of registration through the waiting list on the initiative’s official website. With Regeneration now, Common home 2024 confirms itself as an event of fundamental importance for those who want to understand and shape the future of sustainability and innovation in Italy and around the world.


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