Coachella: Chappelle Roan’s set


There were glorious years when Coachella was the event par excellence. A jumble of influencers, stars of all kinds, glittery looks, sand, dust and California sweat. We followed him with love and participation on social media and dreamed that one day we could be there with our flower crowns and our Texas boots. Then something broke. It must have been Covid, it must have been the atavistic fatigue we’re now starting to feel towards anything sponsored, towards influencers taking 6 flights a week and changing 3 looks a day. Anyway, Coachella it’s not what it used to beand one viral moment cannot replace days and days of a music festival.

Chappell Roan takes place at Coachella

Fortunately, between the duet of Billie Eilish and Lana Del Rey and a technical problem Grimes and the other took care of shifting the situation, Chappell Roan, rising star of American synth pop music. Born, therefore, not so much. Although she is young (born in 1998 in Missouri), a girl (first name Kayleigh Rose Amstutz) has been singing for years and was already defined as the “new Lorde” in 2017. However, sometimes one try is not enough to win an audience, and in this case, a stage hyphato California can help. And that was it. Suffice it to say that searches for his name have grown worldwide 324% only in the last week compared to the previous 12 months. Everyone on Twitter is wondering who this red-haired singer is. A breath of fresh air, with her band of only musicians, her makeup from 80’s drag queen and his t-shirt with the words: “Eat me”.

Career and songs of an up-and-coming artist

Roan started playing the piano at the age of 10/11. At 13 he was performing in public, at 14/15 he was sharing cover songs on YouTube and a few years later he wrote his own unreleased songs. It arrives at 17 Die young, the first piece she wrote to gain some success online. He performs in New York and signs a contract with Atlantic Records. In 2018, she moved to Los Angeles and started living freely as a queer woman. His first album, The Rise and Fall of a Midwestern Princesswill see the light in September 2023, driven by singles like My Kink is Karma, Pink Pony Club AND Informal. It is produced by Dan Nigro, who has worked with Chappelle Roan for years. Critical reviews are raves, allowing her (along with social media success) to play Coachella. The rest is history, or almost. Contemporary history, let’s say.

According to one of these reviews, published on The best fitting series, Chappell Roan on his music: “It deals with every angle of human sexuality, psychology, desire and lust, all in catchy, catchy choruses.” The singer confirms. The Rise and Fall of a Midwestern Princessbesides being her debut album, it is also a journey into herself, her way of facing her own be weird and all that means to her and to the world. “When I started writing this album, I had been in a relationship with a man for 4 and a half years,” she told Rolling Stone. “I was writing about girls, about thinking about girls. I was writing about a part of me that I always wanted to feel and experience: a part of total freedom, a spark. I thought I could capture that in songs to make it come alive.” only in this dimension.” “I’d like to represent queer girls in high school who just want to be ladies, to be wives, who then break free and turn into dragons. This album is for teenage girls who thought it was just a phase. Is for me .”

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