Amab 2024 in Assisi and Bastia Umbra art and antiques exhibition is like visiting a temporary museum

 Among the pieces on display at the Umbria Fiere is, for example, a fragmented sculpture in white Carrara marble from the late 13th and early 14th century, attributed to the workshop of Arnolfo di Cambio, a rare example of a 15th-century iron bed in Lombardy, complete with a folding backrest from the period ; but also a beautiful Christ the Redeemer by the Dutch painter Antoon Van Dick and an evocative painting by Dante Montanari from 1925, given by the Franciscan friars to Mussolini, who later became Donna Rachele’s bedhead. Finally, beautiful and rare antique jewelry from today’s well-known brands such as Cartier or Bulgari.

However, among the gems on display at the Palazzo del Monte Frumentario is a very refined coffin from the Venetian region, dating from the 14th-15th century. century, of which very few specimens exist, one of which is exhibited in the Bargello Museum; but visitors will also be able to admire various contemporary works here, such as the sinuous and delicate dancers of Stefanie Rosichetti, the colorful paintings of Raffaele Avellino or the hyperrealistic works of Spoleto Sandro Bastioli. Ancient, modern and contemporary art will therefore be the protagonist of the region, to the delight of many enthusiasts who will come to Umbria from all over Italy, but also of many tourists who will have another opportunity to visit.


“Amab 2024 is not just an exhibition, but a real journey into art from antiquity to the present,” he explained Emo Antinori Petrini – with works and objects from every era, up to various forms of contemporary art. We can find works of art exhibited here, but also sculptures, carpets and tapestries, as well as home accessories and commonly used items from other times and interesting design elements. All of high artistic quality, guaranteed for antique works by careful scrutiny by art historians and Fima experts”. Both exhibition sites can be conveniently visited thanks to a single ticket, which can also be purchased online at, which can be used on different days, and a shuttle service from Umbria Fiere to Assisi and vice versa.

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