The day of Sunday, dedicated to the themes of peace and human rights


The world’s longest art kite exhibition, now in its 44th edition, brings for the first time Special award for flying merits to 2 entities: Amnesty International Italia – in the person of spokesperson Riccardo Noury ​​- and Rondine Cittadella della Pace.

After the triumph of the special edition “Night of Miracles” – which saw a boom in visitors who came to Cervia to admire the festival’s most anticipated night show on the beach dotted with lanterns and wind gardens – the 44th ARTEVENTO CERVIA successfully continues in the charming location at the southern gates of the Delta Po Park with enchanting performances “artists of the wind”.

Until May 1st, the real masters, the international masters of aerobatic flying, will gather at Kite Capital to demonstrate their special techniques and refined artistry and give life to many different and unique shows.

Since 1981, the world’s longest-running International Kite Festival has become a cult event for excellence from around the world, such as designers, artists, brass professionals, who yearn to return to “their Cervia” to perform and engage audiences of all ages categories, to celebrate peace and brotherhood between nations and at the same time ecological sustainability and environmental protection.

This year also pays tribute to the rebirth of the Emilia-Romagna region after the catastrophic flood of last spring, through anniversary celebrations and the creation of exhibitions and representations in line with its project and its value references.


Immerse yourself in the colorful atmosphere of the Festival of Miracles from the early hours of the morning – with hundreds of kites flying in the Art and Ethnic Kite Area, Giant Kite and 3D Air Creations Area and the Exhibition Grounds – day It starts at 10am on Sunday 28th April with a concert by Fracass&Ganasa Band (Switzerland) in the Souvenir Photo Panorama area, which aims to cheer up the audience with charismatic and stunning musical performances.

Like every day, same time North Wind Fair at ARTEVENTO reception it will be possible to sign up for kite workshops, to which the event devotes the most valuable part of its annual program. ARTEVENTO CERVIA is the first festival to establish a “kite school” with thematic activities specifically designed to promote the traditions of wind art in relation to the guiding value of environmental sustainability, organizing workshops and courses reserved for schools of all levels, for children and adults. .

The main focus of April 28 will be on topics peace and human rights. In fact, from 12:00 we get to the heart of the action with “Freedom is Participation”, a stage set up in the exhibition area, dedicated exclusively to the promotion of the story of peace, which affirms the dragon as a symbol of the battle for the human being. right .

On this occasion, ARTEVENTO CERVIA is for the first time awarding a special prize of merit for flying to 2 entities such as Amnesty International Italia – in the person of Riccardo Noury, spokesperson since 2003 – and Rondine Cittadella della Pace, an organization committed to reducing armed conflict in the world and spreading its own method for creatively transforming conflict in every context. The Rondine Award will be presented by the designer Marcantonio and accepted by two students of the international student residence World House, where young people from places of conflict, “enemies” of each other and determined to overcome the hatred that separates their nations. , live and study together and build peaceful relationships thanks to the project of the Rondine association, which was founded 26 years ago by psychologist Franco Vaccari.

Together with Rondine Cittadella della Pace and Riccardo Noury, ResQ People Saving People – a project created to protect the lives and rights of those in danger in the Mediterranean – Festival delle Culture Ravenna and Fondazione PerugiAssisi, organizer of the March for Peace, which has just welcomed Artevento Cervia draci from the world to the table of peace.

The festival of wonders continues at 14:00 in the same space “One Sky One World”, a moment dedicated to the artists of the world flying for peace and freedom, followed by a replica performance by the Dutch artist Dick at 15:30. Toonen called “The Wall”, already presented in the previous days, which includes the majestic simultaneous take-off of more than forty “Drumbox” kites to the tune of the famous song The Wall.

At the same time, visitors have the opportunity to be carried away by the festive atmosphere Circus Madeira – the current circus (sans animals) co-protagonist of the 44th edition – which is holding a show called “Gran Cabaret Madera” in the chapiteau next to the Kite Circus Village in Piazza Premi Nobel with a repeat at 5:30 p.m.

It continues at 16:00 in the exhibition space with a space that pays tribute Korea, guest of honor for this edition, titled “Korea Special Guest 2024”, followed at 16:30 by “Flight of the Flamingo”, a mesmerizing kite scenario dedicated to this edition’s totemic animal as a symbol of rebirth, celebrated by this year’s numerous guest artists, among whom the contribution of the famous American kite Joel Scholtze, who for ARTEVENTO CERVIA 2024 created a spectacular “flock” of flamingos that gave life to the “Pink Floyd Flamingo Exhibition”.

From 17:00 meeting with the “Sport Kite Show”, an amazing event acrobatic flight to the rhythm of the music solo, couple and team.

Sunday, April 28 ends at 21:30 musical performance of the band Eidos directed by Jong Hoon Kim, held at the Kite Circus Village, the first official restaurant of the event curated by Full Moon Cervia, the ideal place to consume delicious Romagna dinners in the colorful and intercultural climate of ARTEVENTO. On this occasion, the public will be able to taste the typical dishes of Romagna and enjoy the exotic tones of a traditional music group composed by a group of five talented artists for the first trip to Europe.

Until May 1, it will be possible to visit two exhibitions dedicated to two great international artists, such as the British champion Carl Robertshaw – whose exhibition is located in the “suspended space” of the Officina Artevento on the Pinarella beach in the Fiera del Vento Nord. area , on view every day from 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. – and the German Wolfgang Bieck, master of aerial photography KAP Kite – for whom ARTEVENTO CERVIA organized an exhibition in the Sala Rubicone, in the Magazzini del Sale section, also on view every day of the festival from 2 p.m.: 00 to 17:00 and from 21:00 to 23:00.


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