A bedroom with a view of elephants: a dream

L’Africa a land of surprising contrasts and boundless beauty, has always had an impact irresistible charm on anyone lucky enough to set foot on his grounds. Shrouded in mystery and adventure, it is a mosaic of cultures and landscapes that never ceases to amaze.

Today we will go out into the vastness Low plains more precisely in Sabi Sand Reserve. This area is one of the brightest jewels of the African continent, a place where humanity and nature meet in delicate balance. Its rich biodiversity makes it a complex and fascinating ecosystem, and a priceless legacy for all mankind.

Here, on the banks of the Manyeleti River, lies the enchanting Simbambili Game Lodge. This high-end property offers a unique experience that allows guests to fully immerse themselves in the extraordinary wild animals African.
The cottage is a place where you can enjoy the peace and beauty of nature, wrapped in a pleasant environment, ready to experience unforgettable adventures.

Simbambili Game Lodge: paradise in the wilderness

The Simbambili Game Lodge which is located in the heart Kruger National Park, is a place of refined elegance immersed in a wild and unpolluted landscape. The suites blend harmoniously into the surrounding environment and offer breathtaking panoramic views of the enchanting African plains and the rich wildlife that inhabits them.

Visitors will have an incredible opportunity to explore the reservation throughout Exciting guided tour in which you can spot a wide variety of animal species, including the legendary “Big five Africa: lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant and majestic buffalo.

In addition, this wonderful reserve boasts the presence of a well 147 different species, which offers biodiversity that can be matched by few other places in the world. Between graceful antelopes and fascinating gazelles, colorful birds and suggestive reptiles, every trip becomes an unforgettable adventure.

Thanks to its privileged position among the vast plains of the Reservation Sim bambili Game Lodge presents the perfect romantic retreat for anyone looking for an intimate and engaging safari experience.

The wonders of Kruger National Park

Sim bambili Game Lodge is located in South Africa’s largest nature reserve: The Kruger National Park which with almost two million hectares represents the authentic essence of Africa.

The territory also includes significant historical and archaeological heritage. In fact, it is included Kruger to the Canyons Biosphere”, an area recognized by UNESCO as International Man and Biosphere Reservea title that underlines the importance of the relationship between man and nature and the urgency of preserving these environments for the future.

The vast prairies paint an iconic image vast expanses of African savannah, while lush forests provide an ideal refuge for numerous animals. In addition, the park is a major destination with hundreds of recorded bird species, including many endemic to southern Africa bird watchers coming from all over the world.

For wildlife lovers, Kruger National Park it’s not just paradise. It is a land of adventure, a dream destination that offers new discoveries and unforgettable emotions every day.


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