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As of May 1, we have 5 startups from the LifeGate Way ecosystem that respond to the new needs and values ​​that characterize the world of work.

The the world of work is changingdriven by new values ​​and priorities. Evolution, which is mainly based on two factors: one generational is one contextual. On the one hand, especially young people Millennials AND Gen Zwho will soon make up the majority of the world’s workforce and who place great emphasis on flexibility and work-life balance, with a strong emphasis on mental health and overall well-being, favor hybrid models which combine remote work and office work. On the other hand, the effects pandemic which accelerated these trends and extended them to people of all ages who, after experimenting with smart work, reassessed the importance of personal well-being.

Sustainability is increasingly important in the world of work

PUSH environmental and social sustainability it has become a fundamental criterion both for the choice of occupation of individuals and for the performance of organizations. Research by Marsh McLennan and Harvard Business School highlights that companies with high environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance are more effective in attracting and retaining talent and exhibiting higher productivity.

In response to these new needs, numerous startups they offer innovative solutions useful for supporting not only workers, but also organizations themselves, and facilitate the transition to more flexible and sustainable models. Some of them are included Life Gate Way  an ecosystem that supports and connects naturally sustainable startups.

5 startups that sustainably innovate the world of work


Smack returns a concept clever work for businesses to the original meaning that combines flexibility and efficiency through the platform it offers workspaces AND aggregate services in particularly beautiful places. Suggested solutions include: floating offices on catamarans selections in mountain resort and other unique environments that combine work and rest. This not only makes it easier for companies to organize meetings and retreats outside the workplace, but also strives for the well-being of people by promoting a new vision of the work environment that satisfies the need for flexibility and discovery.


Trainect is an Italian startup that supports the physical, emotional and mental well-being of employees in the workplace and combines this with social responsibility. It offers a range through its platform multimedia content created by experts and coaches – such as videos, podcasts and blogs – that guide users in improving their health and well-being in society.

Focused on dynamics gamified that stimulate peer interactions and reward improvement, Trainect translates activities into gifts for sustainability projects such as reforestation or supporting disadvantaged communities, integrating personal well-being and environmental and social commitment into circular and responsible business model.

I understand

I understand is an innovative tool that uses Artificial Intelligence to increase corporate welfare. The platform monitors and analyzes employee mood and sense of belonging through real-time feedback collection and predictive analytics, and also includes virtual trainer and gamification techniques to support personal development of employees and strengthen a sense of community.

Through these features, Qomprendo helps companies quickly identify critical areas, improve communication and participation, and support a positive and proactive environment which supports the growth and resilience of the organization.

Qomprendo was honored with a special Life Gate Way award during the closing evening of the last edition of Premio 2031, the culmination of the journey dedicated to Italian innovation and startups.


Yumi is a fully customizable application designed for improve engagement and personal development in work teams through “digital nudging”, where nudging means “gentle nudging”.

The application allows anonymous monitoring of interactions within organizations in order to increase their efficiency. Based on the collected data, Yumi provides suggestions and proposals that help employees spontaneously recognize and change their behavior, thereby promoting a more positive and productive work environment. In addition, real-time statistics provide managers with valuable information to manage organizational change and improve the overall experience.


Climat.ly aims to accelerate change towards sustainability by offering platforms and applications that educate and engage businesses on environmental and social issues.

Claim Learn, play, act reflects the mission to transform playful learning in concrete actions and significant changes and in fact Climat.ly is based on the concept of “learning by gamification”. That is, it aims to make sustainability education engaging and effective, helping companies implement sustainable strategies through interactive experiences that stimulate active engagement and critical reflection. In addition, Climat.ly also supports companies that need to develop documentation for sustainability report.


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