12 centre-left Conselice candidates presented by Andrea Sangiorgi: “we will build a new local ruling class”

Andrea Sangiorgi, candidate for mayor of the centre-left part of Conselice (community of the protagonists), presented 12 candidates for the office of representatives at the election headquarters in Lavezzola last night, April 23.

“When I said at the beginning of this election campaign that it was time for a new history and new faces, some feared that it was just the usual words of a politician. But as of today it is demonstrated by the facts – says Andrea Sangiorgi – I’ve been working hard over the last few weeks to create this “Protagonist Community” list of city council candidates. A list expressing only territory and not political compromises. All new faces who for the first time decided to make themselves available to our three communities at the political level. A team that includes all age groups and professions with a special focus on new generations. I have said it several times: with me, the city council will be a training ground for building a new local ruling class: we need it to bring new ideas and skills to the field. To make it very clear to the citizens before the vote, I announce that on May 7 at 20:30 in Piazza Guareschi in Conselice, I will also publish the names that will make up the City Council.”


  • Sabrina Alpi professional nurse, employee of the local health authority of Romagna, on duty in the oncology day care unit of the Lugo hospital;
  • Natalino Barbieri former postman, now retired;
  • Nouhaila Benachir Student at the University of Bologna’s Career Counseling and Corporate Relations course;
  • Massimo Del Duca radiation oncologist at the Santa Maria delle Croci Hospital in Ravenna;
  • Fabrizio Ferroni former craftsman, now retired;
  • Anna Izzo manager of German company Diebold Nixidorf and coordinator of logistics and their warehouses in Italy;
  • Enrico Minoccheri Hera Employee, Emergency Sewer Response Coordinator;
  • Angelica Monaco senior project manager at Art-ER, the Emilia-Romagna Consortium Society created to promote sustainable growth, innovation development, attractiveness and internationalization of the territory;
  • Nicolò Negrini chief of staff of the Cab Massari suite;
  • Giulia Pacella administrative staff and involved in extracurricular services through local associations, federal sports technician;
  • Davide Passardi agricultural entrepreneur, owner of the agricultural company “La Saracca”;
  • Stella Simonotti student at Lugo Linguistic High School.


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